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Some of the Musicians Wilma is Planning to Host  

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An active musician since 2006. Playing and mastering various string instruments such as all types of guitars, kopoz, oud, tanbur, dotar and mastering the traditional music and theory (makam system) from central Asia (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Turkey) and Iran, while maintaining a strong competency in his deeply-rooted American folk music roots.

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Hadar Noiberg

From Classical music to jazz to Brazilian choreo and Middle Eastern Music, Hadar’s eclectic musical background and experience has led her to create her own style where she seamlessly fuses those influences.


Fared Shafinury

Born on the coast of Texas, Fared's music spans cultures and traditions rooted in ancient repertoires – he has studied under masters in Iran such as Ostads Shaari, Lotfi, and Zolghadar – while possesing innovation and originality that set him apart from his contemporaries. Shafinury introduces the classical and folk sounds of Iran to his distinct musical world, populated by driving rock beats, sufi-trance-like states, psychedelic loops, hindustani ragas, country lilts and more. He weaves it together with the timeless verses of Rumi and Hafez, modern poets such as Sohrab Sepehri and Forough Farokhzad, in addition to his own lyrics, sung in Persian and English.

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Ary Lima

One of New York City's leading Capoeira Masters, Ary brings his Brazilian heritage and culture to men, women and children of all ages. Through performances and in-depth workshops, Ary touches the heart and soul of everyone. His workshops include the building of the traditional Birimbao instrument - the center of capoeira music and martial arts. 


Suraj Nepal

Suraj Nepal is a virtuoso of the esraj, an ancient Nepali and Indian instrument. The instrument played a major cultural role in the histories of the Nepali and Indian dynasties, and today Suraj has dedicated himself to the preservation of its beautiful and authentic sound. As an internationally respected performing artist based in Kathmandu, he has helped to retain the vitality in the traditional forms and uses his inspiring talent to teach underprivileged children the power of music.

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Gil Ron Shama

Gil Ron Shama is an acclaimed artist, musician, story-teller, producer and writer inspired by Sufi /kabalist traditions. A founding member of SHEVA, a World-renowned middle eastern ensemble and an ambassador of goodwill on behalf of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Muslim countries, Gil's work incorporates world music sounds together with poetry of the Jewish heart, African rhythms beating side by side with electronic beats - the ancient touches the futuristic and cultures meet beyond space and time.

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Light in Babylon

Istanbul based ethno folk ensemble Light In Babylon are one of the last years freshest musical exports of Turkey. The stunning voice of the singer Elia Kamal combined with the beautiful sound of the santur and the western guitar-playing result in a mind-blowing experience. 

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Faran Ensemble

The Faran Ensemble was formed in 2009 by three musicians sharing similar musical vibes and values, who decided to embark together on a spiritual quest. Their journey, expressed in music and sound, reflects the beauty of nature, travelling through different sceneries, from the clean and quiet desert to luscious green hills, sometimes even passing through the hectic noise of the city. 

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