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Some of the Dance Artists Wilma is Planning to Host  

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Miriam Peretz is an internationally celebrated dance instructor and performer. Over the past twenty years her signature dance style has spread across continents through her international dance collective Nava, and through the intensive training’s she offers worldwide. Miriam’s format draws heavily on sacred dances from around the world, Central Asian dance, devotional Sufi whirling and ritual. Her movement quality and aesthetics also incorporate her years of martial arts training, contemporary dance, Flamenco, and many other world dance forms.

Shmulik Teaching.1.jpg

Shmulik has been influenced by his formative multi-cultural experiences in Acco, where he performed as a teenager with the celebrated Beit Hagefen Israeli Folk Dance Group, a company comprised of both Israeli Arabs and Jews. In the late 1970’s he went on to professionally dance with the world-acclaimed Karmon Dance Troupe, performing throughout Israel, Europe and South Africa. He has choreographed more than 300 dances utilizing both music thousands of years old and contemporary pieces, with some of his original works making their way into the classical Israeli folk dance repertoire.

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