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"Go forth and spread beauty & light"

- Arthur Naething

Wilma is a center for music, dance and other cultural endeavors for those who visit the Berkshires, to the Community of Lee, Massachusetts and to artists and musicians everywhere, who bring beauty & light to the World we share.



To create and nurture an environment for musicians, dancers, choreographers, and other artists, through a series of artists-in-residence 

workshops and performances

Wilma encourages local artists to participate and we plan a number of featured performances to promote local talent.


Wilma is located within the beautiful

First Congregational Church of Lee.

This historic landmark forms the heart

of the town and includes a magnificent main sanctuary performance space that is acoustically pristine. Surrounded by numerous, wonderful cafes, restaurants, pubs and specialty shops, Wilma is the perfect cultural complement to a night out or daytime workshops and learning opportunities.

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