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Aviv Bahar 

An active musician since 2006. Playing and mastering various string instruments such as all types of guitars, kopoz, oud, tanbur, and dotar.


Suraj Nepal

A virtuoso of the esraj, an ancient Nepali and Indian instrument.

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Hadar Noiberg

From Classical music to jazz to Brazilian choreo and Middle Eastern Music, Hadar’s eclectic musical background and experience has led her to create her own style where she seamlessly fuses those influences.

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Gil Ron Shama

An acclaimed artist, musician, story-teller, producer and writer inspired by Sufi /kabalist traditions. A founding member of SHEVA, a World-renowned middle eastern ensemble and an ambassador of goodwill on behalf of Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Muslim countries.

Miriam Peretz

An internationally celebrated dance instructor and performer. 


Fared Shafinury

Born on the coast of Texas, Fared's music spans cultures and traditions rooted in ancient repertoires.


Miriam Peretz

An internationally celebrated dance instructor and performer. 

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Ary Lima

A critically-acclaimed, award-winning composer, vocalist, lyricist, Persian setar virtuoso and multi-instrumentalist.

Light in Babylon

Istanbul-based ethno-folk ensemble is one of freshest musical exports of Turkey.

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Faran Ensemble

Formed in 2009 by three musicians sharing similar musical vibes and values, who decided to embark together on a spiritual quest.

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